83% say they have IT decision making involvement or authorisation in their company
They are well-travelled and well-connected digital natives. Being key 
influencers within their companies, they have distinctly global views. Despite the common perception that companies are cutting travel expenses, Javier and Erin’s contracts still allow them to be at the forefront of business travel, and they are expected to account for over 50% of business passengers by 2020. Javier and Erin are at the senior management level of their company, some would say the C-suites of the future, making them integral to their companies decision making processes. Sources: BT3 2016, WWD 2016, YouGov Profiles 2016, Goldman Sachs 2016, Skidmore Studio 2015, 30secondtofly 2016; Voxburner Youth Report 2016; Voxburner Youth Report 2016 They expect to see B2B advertising in the airport. of JCDA business travellers are between the ages of 18-34 more on airline tickets than non-millennial business travellers Spend 41% 13%
The Millennial Business Elite tend to identify with a brand on a more personal and emotional level. They are redefining luxury ideals; wanting luxury experiences over material goods.
85% agree you can only ever get to know a country by experiencing its culture
93% extend a business trip into a leisure trip
More than 18-34 year old business travellers work for SME’s.
The Millennial Business Elite are highly socially connected allowing them to have information, reviews and comparisons at their fingertips, anytime, anywhere. say they would respond to an advert in the airport via methods such as internet search/social media/making a call more likely to want to buy a wearable device than the UK average. 95%
say they are ‘extremely or quite loyal’ to their favourite brands, advocacy of such members is of high value to any global brand.




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