Millennials are the most likely segment of the population (57%) to make a business trip, and often extend their trips for leisure.
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They are digitally savvy millennials and experience led consumers. As trendsetting travellers, they are both followers and generators of online content and like to share their travel stories via social media. Just as likely as the over-55s to take a long-haul holiday. Unlike older generations, they are more likely to follow their passions by making them the centre of their lives, often merging their careers with their hobbies and interests. 50% take an average of 3 or more weekend breaks within the UK per year. The “experience economy” is boosting the travel market, with 72% of millennials spending more money on experiences as opposed to material goods. 90% believe “the only way to discover a country is by experiencing its culture” 63% of millennial travellers visit shops at the airport, both for gift buying and to treat themselves. Millennials are increasingly turning to mobile to enhance their in-store experience including using technology to make price comparisons with other stores. As millennials, Serena & Adam represent a cost-saving yet self-indulgent set who regularly reward themselves with travel treats. Due to a majority of the segment having lived through difficult economic conditions, they are also deal hunters who tactfully scrutinize their purchases. The airport is one of the most checked in places on the planet, and these cool connected trendsetters love to broadcast their travels to friends and family. Serena and Adam are happy to share personal location information with providers, accepting it as a trade-off for a more personalised service. Serena and Adam are from the generation most likely to use travel apps on their smartphones or tablets for researching and booking future holidays.
Meet Serena and Adam, the Cool Connected Trendsetters
Over 60% say travel is their main hobby. For Serena and Adam, travel is amongst their top three life goals.
Over 1/2 would agree with the statement “I often notice advertising at airports”
70% say “I do not mind paying extra for quality”
71% typically share their opinions of a product because they think other consumers will value their input.
95% would respond to an airport advertisement via internet search, social media or making a call




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